Project Overview

As a proof-of-concept, the GrInHy project (Green Industrial Hydrogen via reversible high-temperature electrolysis) includes designing, manufacturing and operation of a reversible generator based on the Solid Oxide Cell technology in a relevant industrial environment.

The project has been granted funding under the call FCH-02.4-2015.


GrInHy addresses the required scope and expected impact of the call FCH-02.4-2015 by setting even more ambitious indicators, e.g. efficiency and operation time. Furthermore, the project aims at additional objectives, which are relevant for developing the technology towards a marketable product.


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GrInHy’s declared vision is the avoidance of carbon dioxide using green hydrogen as feedstock in industrial processes. Due to today’s highest electrical efficiencies, the high-temperature electrolysis is one of the most promising technologies to achieve this.



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GrInHy is committed to the proof-of-concept of operating a high-temperature electrolyzer in the industrial environment of an integrated iron and steel works and meeting its hydrogen quality standards. Furthermore, the project focuses on the development of a reversible generator based on the Reversible Solid Oxide Cell (RSOC) technology towards a marketable product.


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Project Timeline

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GrInHy Technology

 The High Temperature Electrolysis converts surplus renewable energy from wind power or photovoltaic arrays into hydrogen which is stored in a high pressure tank or directly utilized by a hydrogen consumer on site. If the renewable electric power is too small the system is switched in a few minutes to fuel cell mode for a reliable electric power supply. The needed natural gas is taken from the grid.


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